Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Side Stick HOTAS HOSAS Game Chair Mounts

Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Side Stick HOTAS HOSAS Gaming Chair Armrest mounts
Manufacturer: BMF Game Tech

Gaming Chair Armrest Holders to attach your Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Side Stick flight control to your favorite video game cockpit chair.   Simply bolt your TCA Airbus Side Stick to the wooden armrest holder and strap the mount to your chair.  When you no longer need to use your HOTAS anymore, simply detach the straps and remove the holders from your chair in seconds.  

All hardware (instructions, bolts, washers and nylon straps) are included with your purchase. 

*This purchase is for only one mount, not a full set.

Product Specifications:

  • CNC manufactured 10mm furniture grade plywood design

  • CAD designed for precision

  • Armrest mount adjusts from 16” (40.5cm) to 18.75” (47.5cm) for custom setup

  • Armrest width is 3.75” (9cm) to accommodate most gaming chairs

Items Included:

    • HOTAS mounting plates and Armrests x 1(one)

    • Mounting bolts for controller x 2(four)

    • Steel Washers x 2(four)

    • Hook and Loop Straps x 2(four)

    • Mounting bolts for mounting plate and armrest x 2(four), two for each side.

    • Assembly Instructions Available on my YouTube Channel 

Having your HOTAS joysticks mounted to your gaming chair for flight simulator games brings gaming immersion to another level, while providing a better comforter to sit back and play.

Popular HOTAS supported games:

  • Elite Dangerous Horizons and Odyssey

  • Star Citizen

  • DCS (Digital Combat Simulator)

  • Mechwarrior 5

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2020

  • Ace Combat 7

  • Kerbal Space Program

  • Star Wars Squadrons

  • Dual Universe  

**  If your HOTAS is not listed, send me a message and I can custom design and make mounting plates for them at no additional charge.  My goal is to offer mounting plates for all HOTAS controllers or joysticks.