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]Below is a link to my YouTube video showing you how to mount the plate to the armrest with the provided hardware.


Mounting Plate/Controller Setup Instructions:

1. Locate the provided hardware bag with the large washers and bolts for your controller.  (Each plate will only need two washers and bolts.)

2. Align the plate holes up to the holes on your HOTAS controls.

3. Add a large washer washer to the bolt and insert it through the plate and loosely hand tighten the bolt. (add a nut if your mounts require a nut and bolt)  (Wait to tighten them down when you have the control positioned where you like them.)

4. Add the second large washer and bolt to the second hole.(add a nut if your mounts require a nut and bolt)

5. Flip the plate over and align the controller to where you like it and tighten down the bolts.  Do not overtighten.  (The Holes are drilled bigger to allow for adjustment.)

6. Tighten the bolts down.

7. Complete for your second HOTAS Controller.

8. Tighten the mounting plate and armrest bolts from step #2.

9. While firmly holding your controller and plate, align the plate over your arm rest and attach one(1) of the four(4) provided straps.  Attach one to the rear of the plate first, to prevent the HOTAS from falling.  Attach the second strap into the front slots and tighten down. Complete the same steps for the second controller and plate.  

10. Sit down in your chair and adjust to where the controllers feel comfortable to you.