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BMF Game Tech offers a full range of game chair HOTAS and HOSAS mounts  to help get you setup and flying comfortably.   The mounts quick-release for when you want to remove them.

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Replacement HOTAS Mounting Plates

Replacement HOTAS mounting plates to upgrade/replace your mounts from your current version to a new style controller mount.

Game Chair Standalone Armrest Mounts

Game chair armrest mounts without the controller mounting plates.

Virpil VPC WarBRD Gaming Chair HOTAS Mounts

Gaming Chair Armrest Mounts to attach your Virpil VPC WarBRD controllers.

Game Chair Armrest Keyboard Tray

You use your existing HOTAS armrest mounts to attach the Game Chair Keyboard Tray to your gaming chair.

VKB Gladiator NXT Game Chair HOTAS HOSAS Mounts

VKB Gladiator NXT HOTAS/HOSAS Gaming Chair Armrest Holders

Thrustmaster Warthog Gaming Chair HOTAS Mounts

Thrustmaster Warthog Gaming Chair Armrest Mounts