About BMF Game Tech

Carved Wood Product and Gaming Accessories

I come from a long line of woodworkers and craftsmen and after discovering more happiness behind my bandsaw then my computer desk I knew it was time to be part of the family line. I found my inspiration for my first wooden piece (my wiener dog, Oscar) and the sawdust hasn’t stopped.

All pieces are CAD designed and custom carved on a CNC machine.  Precision, usability and convenience are keyfeatures of these mounts that I have created and designed.   Add in the feature to be able to remove your mounts from your chair quickly and you have a winning combination.

Having desktop mounts are great and I have a set myself but being able to sit back and fly comfortably in my gaming chair lets me play my flight simulator games longer with less back and or shoulder pain.

Thanks for your support and buying from an "American made" business.